Dear you

Thanks for checking out my website.

Welcome and here is the good news:

I give my lessons yoga and mindfulness, breath, nature and art in english as well:)

I give group sessions as well as individual sessions with attention for whatever is required. You might call this yoga therapy as well, but this term might scare you. It really just is all about attention from me to you, but more importantly, from you for yourself: what is moving your body and your mind and perhaps what is blocking it? How can you help yourself feeling better, stronger, balanced, resistant, flexible,


I listen to what your needs are and try to provide this in the lesson.This can be on the area of physical restrictions or the need for mental peace of mind. I work together with a physiotherapist in case you need some extra attention. 

For your company events team building conference days or festivities, Studio Solhem can provide customised workshops. We can discuss your wishes in advance.


Yogasession one hour                              €   75,--

Mindfulnesstraining 8 groupsessions           € 400,--

Mindfulnesstraining 8 individual sessions     € 600,--

1,5 hour try-out session                            €100,-

You receive personal guidance and hand-outs.


Sometimes people stay with me for a long time, sometimes just for a little while to get ready for grouplessons at another place. Everything is okay, it is just about your needs.

If you would like some information, just give me a call or mail, thank you!